Find your size

The iguaneyes adapt to your feet. The choice of the size is made easy as there are no half-sizes. Just pick your usual size, you can’t go wrong.

To make sure that you receive the size that fits you the best, simply use the size equivalence table, and the iguaneye size validation tool.

For Japanese, English and American sizes, you must refer to the size equivalence table.

The iguaneye size validation tool

Fitment guide-letter (PDF)     Fitment guide-A4 (PDF)

Our size validation tool is very easy to use and printable. It enables you to make sure you have chosen the right size in your selection.

Make sure you print the sheet at the 100% scale (full size) on your printer, select the right format for your region (A4 for Europe, Letter for the USA) and simply follow the stages outlined directly on the sheet of paper. If you have any doubts, use a ruler and make sure the scale (in cm and inches) found on the side of the tool is correct.